Hourly/Daily/Weekly Quests

Upon hitting 50 you can begin doing the hourly quests for Rings and Earrings and the Daily Necklace quest. The Necklace quest will be given to you by the blackspirit while in Calpheon and the earrings/rings quest from the warehouse manager in Calpheon, After completing the original quests for earrings and rings you will pick them up and at Hexe Sanctuary and Abandoned Monastary.

Hexe Sanctuary / Abandoned Monastary quests reset hourly based on when you last completed the quest and reward one Token of Promise each. The earrings and rings both cost 3 tokens each for 3-3 AP each, after having the base earring/ring you can then upgrade it the first upgrade costs 5 tokens and is 4-4 AP the second upgrade costs 10 tokens and is 5-5 AP making it the same AP as Witchs Earrings or Mark of Shadows.

Hexe Sanctuary = Kill 100 x Skeletons

Abandoned Monastary = Kill 60 x Shadow Knights

While killing these mobs you also have a chance at getting Mark of Shadows and Witchs Earrings which ill detail later.

Necklace Quest

Boss Summon Scrolls

You will also recieve a weekly and daily quest from your black spirit that rewards summon scrolls.

The daily is Prefixed with [Special Quest I] and the weekly with [Special Quest II]. For the Daily you have a choice of 4 quests, Mediah Exiles, Possessed Giants, Stop the Rite and Secret Cultist Research. We recommend Secret Cultist Research as the boss scroll it rewards has a chance of dropping a decent necklace and belt but the quest may be difficult as a fresh 50 so if this is the case do Mediah Exiles as it is the second easiest boss to kill and the quest mobs are easy. Daily scrolls expire within 7 days of recieving them but you can complete 7 at once so they can be saved up and done all at once as long as they dont expire. Weekly quests are given randomly and normally require you to kill 100 mobs these also have a 7 day expire time. both of these scrolls reward hunter tokens and blackstones as well as a bunch of grey vendor or hand in items and the bosses themselves drop the same so grouping with a full party gets you loot from there bosses as well. If you gain knowledge of a boss then you no longer need to kill mobs for the quest you just accept it from your black spirit and it auto completes.

The Moghulis boss scroll you recieve from doing Secret Cultist Research has a chance of dropping a 6 AP 2 DP necklace and a 4 AP 4DP 50LT Weightlimit Belt getting both also gives a 5 Accuracy set bonus.

Hunter Tokens, these can be handed in for blackstones 2x for one armor stone and 3x for one weapon stone. There are 3x daily quests that reward hunter tokens as well

Collecting 5x Ancient relics and placing them in a + symbol in your bags will give you another scroll as well this is also on a 7 day timer with similar loot but also gives a memory fragment which is worth saving later for awakening skills or repairing your gears max durability after +15.

Grinding Drops

Abandoned Monastery - Mark of Shadows - Ring 5 AP

Hexe Sanctuary - Witches Earring - Earring 5 AP

Mansha Forest (Ogres) - Ogres Ring - Necklace 10 AP

Treants Forest (Twin headed Treant / Old Tree Treant) - Tree Spirit Belt - Belt 5 AP 1 Accuracy 80LT Weight limit

Serendia Shrine / Calpheon Shrine - Shrine Guardian Token - Ring 5 DP 15 Max HP

Long Leaf Sentry Post (Cyclops) - Token of Freindship - Earring 5 DP 15 Max HP

Rhutum Outstation - Rhutum Elite Belt - 4 DP 60LT Weight limit



50-51 Helm Station

51-52 Elric Temple

52-55 Sausan Post

All Mediah leveling should be done in a group of 5 to increase effiecency, Sausans can be done at 50 but require pretty decent gear.

Grinding Drops

Helm Station - Scarla Necklace - Necklace 5 AP 5 DP

Manes - Belt of Schultz the Gladiator - Belt 3 AP 50LT Weightlimit

Elric Temple - Nert Ring - Ring 25 Max HP 1 Accuracy

Elric Temple - Sealed Spirits Ring - Ring 4 AP 1 Accuracy (can only be upgraded to DUO but has 100% chance to succed)

Elric Temple - Outlaw Ring - Ring 3 AP 4 DP 50 Stam

Soldiers Grave - Mesto Earring - Earring 4 AP 1 Accuracy

Abandoned Mines - Ridell Earing - Earring 4 DP 1 Accuracy